Optimize & Improve sourcing with CORVIS


Significantly reduce approval times

  • Customizable approval workflow
  • Approvals on locations, departments, custom fields
  • Smart notifications
  • Thresholds and policies for a precise routing
  • Mobile on-the-go approvals
  • Real-time budget impacts


Instant quantification and what-if features - no Excel required

  • Optimize real-time pricing conversations with line item guidance in the bidding process
  • Leverage scenarios to see the best possible outcomes
  • Deliver significant time and cost savings


Great outcomes start with deeper evaluations

  • Analyze your bids with ease
  • Engage evaluators and customize access levels
  • Compare apples to apples (via structured re-quest forms)
  • Automatic scoring of proposals
  • Digital scorecards that capture scores, comments, and notes multiple phases of evaluation


Gain visibility into all sourcing projects

  • See upcoming and planned procurements
  • Optimize category planning and future investments
  • Get clear perspective on planning and forecasting,
  • Better prioritize projects for the wider business


Built-in collaboration at every step

  • Interact with vendors, do Q&A sessions, send reminders, discuss projects, and more
  • Get in-app and email notifications
  • Receive alerts when intake requests are submitted & received, when projects are completed, and when milestones are approaching or due


Enable suppliers to bring creative solutions to the table

  • Communicate priorities, constraints, process and award criteria clearly
  • Control auction strategy with custom auction lots
  • Decide what suppliers can view, including auction rank
  • Shorten negotiation cycle time with transparent bidding
  • Uncover the prices that matter with everyone on the same platform


Simplest online registration & submission process

  • Vendors can easily find your announcements
  • Vendors submit information as exactly you requested
  • Can ask questions, view replies, and receive updates
  • Reduces inbound calls and emails and boosts productivity
  • Frees up your staff for higher value assignments
  • Greatly enhances supplier services and relationships


Find Suppliers with one click

  • Easily track Supplier performance and quickly gauge impact to the business
  • Gather comprehensive feedback from Stakeholders
  • Share development plans to increase value from the supply base
  • Standardized review templates across your KPIs

We're looking forward to start a new project

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Why work with us?

Customer focus

CORVIS is laser-focused on solving sourcing related challenges. It will provide all the functionalities to make it easy for a company and users perform sourcing tasks and excel at it.


We are team of experienced entrepreneurs, technology and procurement professionals


Besides, CORVIS is designed around microservices and application programming interfaces (APIs). CORVIS can be integrated with existing procurement solutions and ERP systems. These advancements give users the best possible functionality and the ability to add and subtract modules as needed.